• 11x14 Oil on panel
    Hindu Coal Miner
    Not For Sale
  • 716,960
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 9x12" Oil on panel
    Back from Church
    Not For Sale
  • Sold A large (36x36") commission piece on canvas.  The iconic bird is built up with mostly palette knife work
    Beep Beep
    Not For Sale
  • 18x24" Oil on canvas showing the sparse landscape of North Texas
    Panhandle Sky
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 12x16" Oil on panel of the most photographed restaurant on San Antonio's Riverwalk.  From my reference photo.
    Casa Rio at dusk
    Not For Sale
  • 12x24" Oil on panel.  Standing on the corner in NYC's Chinatown, I saw the red trucks and got the idea to wait for an isolated yellow taxi to come in between them.  Traffic was such that it never happened, so I have no photo, but one can paint anything one wants.  This painting took Best in Show at a juried exhibition in New Braunfels.
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 9x12" Oil on panel.  Remember Dion of Dion and the Belmonts?  Rock star in the 50's, 60's.  He's now making blues albums which are great.  I admire his dedication and longevity so I dedicate this painting to Dion.  His actual last name is "Dimucci"

    Not For Sale
  • Sold 18x24" Oil on canvas.  Limited and muted palette adds to the mood.
    Leaving the Alley
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 12x16" Oil on canvas.  This looks dramatic but the photo reference was just me shooting down the stairs of a restaurant in New Orleans.  The figure is headed for the men's room.  A little artistic license with the tonality.
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 9x12" Oil on panel.  A visual pun and a careful depiction of the apple turning ochre as it's left in the air.
    Global App
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 16x20" Oil on canvas.  The idea is that the truck is emerging out of darkness.  I used a limited blue/green palette applied with knife.  The orange lights supply a tough of hue contrast.

    Not For Sale
  • 12x16" Oil on panel.  Done plein air in the rain.  The miserable conditions helped me paint more quickly and yielded a gestural result.
    Ground Mist
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 8x16" Oil on canvas.  I was at a winery looking to do a plein air piece and had trouble finding a scene.  Then I spotted sunlight knifing through a stand of trees far down the hill and I used it as inspiration for this painting which came together quickly.  Later, I got a commission to repaint the scene and I've used that image on my home page of this website.
    Sun Dagger
    Not For Sale
  • Sold  6x9" oil on panel
    1949 Ford Nocturne
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 24x36" Oil on canvas (gallery wrap).  From a reference photo a shot into a pond.
    Koi Palette
    Not For Sale
  • 18x24" Oil on panel.  I shot the reference photo at a museum of musical instruments in Berlin.  I sought to evoke the shiny and metallic nature of the tuba with gestural strokes.  A contradiction.
    Oom Pah
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 24x36" Oil on canvas (gallery wrap). My original photo showed the windmill blades a bit blurred and I tried to express this in the painting.  The first painting sold quickly and I then received a commission to repaint the scene which is this image.  This sort of windmill pumps water at ranches and can be found all over Texas.
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 18x24" Oil on canvas.
    Red Truck
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 20x30" Oil on panel.  This was sold to another artist which renders a complement to the piece.
    The Welder
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 9x9, Oil.  This is a painting of one of the most imaged buildings in America.  It's the spectacular Franciscan Cathedral in Taos, New Mexico.  I made a reference photo during a visit and used a wide angle lens to emphasize the statue of the Saint with the Cathdral building playing a secondary role.
    Taos Cathedral
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 24x36 Oil on canvas.  This large painting was done entirely with large brushes.  I used the device of outlining some forms in black so as to give the composition a more illustrative feeling as opposed to painterly.
    Room with Lemons
    Not For Sale
  • 16x20, Oil on panel.  A close up composition of an old truck executed with palette knife
    Rusting Gracefully
    Not For Sale
  • 11x14" Oil on panel.  My reference for this was a photo I shot in Zion National Park where I was lucky enough to encounter a fresh, heavy snowfall.
    Zion Christmas
    Not For Sale
  • 9x12, oil on canvas.  A mysterious combination which shows how two distinct species can display beauty.
    Foxy Lady
    Not For Sale
  • 9x12", Oil on panel.  The basic scene was captured from a bridge in South England but it was just masses of green so I added many elements to create a successful painting.
    From the bridge
    Not For Sale
  • 24x36, Oil.  The form of the painting is from the Italian Medieval City of Matera but the colors are 100% made up.
    Matera Fantasy
    Not For Sale
  • 20x28, Oil on canvas.  This large painting shows the "cockpit" of a classic Studebaker.  Referenced from a street photo I took.
    Behind the Steering Wheel
    Not For Sale
  • 20x35, Oil and mixed media.  I bought an old linotype drawer where type slugs were stored and altered the rectangular spaces to make housings for paintings.  I embedded six bird paintings and next to them glued my reference photos.  The colors used in each painting are echoed in the paint swatches.  
    Six Texas Bird Types in a Type Drawer
    Not For Sale
  • 12x24, Oil, an accurate painting from a reference photo I shot of the City of Venice from its Bell Tower (after a lengthy elevator ride)
    From the Bell Tower
    Not For Sale
  • 14x18, Oil, here I sought to depict both the textures of the boot and the reflective shine in the metals.
    I heart Texas
    Not For Sale
  • 11x14. Oil, A girl with the iconic make up used to celebrate Mexico's Day of the Dead remembrance.
    Dia de los Muertos
    Not For Sale
  • 11x14, Oil, My reference photo was taken in Iceland.
    Take your daughter to work
    Not For Sale
  • 11x14 Oil is a much loved site in the Hill Country where an old time gas station has been preserved.
    The Driftwood Store
    Not For Sale
  • 11x14, essentially a nocturne with red accents peeking through.  The reference is an old hearse from New Orleans.  Kind of a voodoo scene.
    Retired Hearse
    Not For Sale
  • 16x20 on canvas.  "Jimbo" is out of a tiny fishing town: Hackberry, LA.  I got up before dawn to photograph the boat and then was able to make this painting.
    Not For Sale
  • 16x20 on panel.  This is a classic San Francisco scene looking down one of the hills with typical, iconic buildings acting as frames.
    City by the Bay
    Not For Sale
  • 18x24, I took the reference photo from a bridge over the tracks in Stockholm, Sweden as a train was rumbling towards me.  The sky was warmed by the "golden hour" sun and Stockholm's iconic sky line is sampled.  
    Stockholm Central Station
    Not For Sale
  • Sold A nocturne of a bar in downtown Manhattan together with upper floors and neighboring buildings
    The Patriot
    Not For Sale
  • 20x30 A beautiful sight in Southwestern New Mexico is the Catwalk which positions a small water stream amidst colorful boulders.
    The Catwalk
    Not For Sale
  • 8x10 Moonglow is a small painting done with a very broad brush.  At heart, it's all about the light coming from the moon.
    Not For Sale
  • Sold 11x14 I used a photograph I took in Dublin, Ireland as my reference except that all the colors were made up and the interplay of colors with the light are the real subject
    Not For Sale
  • 11x24 This viewpoint from the wonderful Julia Pfeiffer California State Park faces north showing the pacific ocean along side of "Big Sur" which is half Spanish for "Big South".  The name came from the North which means San Francisco.
    Julia Pfeiffer State Park
    Not For Sale
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