Me in Car

I'm a full time artist working in different media.  In painting, I use oils, pastel, the occasional watercolor and acrylics if I'm in a hurry.  I paint a range of subjects and sizes (this will be clear from a look at the galleries) and I also vary textures from heavy impasto to highly blended treatments.  I think of myself as mainly a tonal painter (emphasis on light/dark values) as opposed to being a colorist.  

In fine art photography, I've put up galleries in several categories.  As you'll see, I enjoy the nerdy side of photography (night shots, infrared conversion) but I do keep to the concept that photographs need to look like photographs as opposed to "digital art" where photoshop has run wild.  I find, however, that in my work painting and photography feel like they are converging as similar artistic "rules", decisions and concepts are employed to create the final piece in either medium. 

I've had limited college training in art at Texas State but I've benefited more by being in a community of artists in the Southwest and by having studied with numerous instructors in workshops.  I detail these instructors on my links page.