This 15 minute video shows fifty six foot tall cowboy boots, each painted by a local artist.  The boots are scattered all over Wimberley.


 I shot this video at Artomat's 15th anniversary party hosted at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

The Smithsonian has an Artomat machine in its Portrait Gallery.  About 50 Artomat artists attended.


This video allows you to get a look at me.  I'm being interviewed by CBS, Austin (KEYE) prior to the start

of an Artists' Studio Tour.



There are clearly an inadequate number of dog based videos on you tube so I jumped into the fray in a wildly successful effort to correct the imbalance.  Our Husky, Zoya, stars.



 In my old day job, we did a lot of building for Habitat for Humanity.  This video shows us during a "Jimmy Carter Work Project".  Together with the President our group built a house in 5 days.  There were enough other volunteers to put up 74 additional houses.


If you think about it, only three kinds of people can create life: women (duh), mad scientists and artists.  See how I created life (the painting sold 4 hours after the video went up so it created a little money too)


I Pity the Fool who doesn't watch this video.  Back in the day, I hired Mr. T to appear for us in some ads and attend a trade show.  He wowed everyone.  When you get to know him, you discover a religeous man deeply concerned about his family.  Really.


Here's a video from a Habitat for Humanity work day in Harlem, NYC.  I organized it and invited friends from the NY Giants football team to attend which, thanks to hall of fame linebacker Harry Carson, they did.  The video was shot by NY Giants videographers and given to me.  I figured to have my company (Medeco) do the editing but before this could happen, I left my employment there.  So I had to edit the raw footage myself which explains the cheerful sloppyness of the result.


Here's one of three videos I shot of the Wimberley Valley Art League Studio tour.  It's an interesting look at a bunch of artists' studios.

You can find two other volumes on my you tube channel (bob cook)